Heirs’ Property Webinar

Date: April 14, 2021 Time: 11:30 am Location: View at MCJ’s Facebook Page or Register via Zoom


  • Do you need help establishing heirship to your family’s property?
  • Do you live on or have interest in property passed down informally from generation to generation?
  • Do you know that lack of “clear title” makes property less marketable for sale or lease?
  • Have you been denied loans, grants, and government assistance based on property ownership because you lack “clear title”?

Registration has opened for Mississippi Center for Justice’s April 14, 2021 webinar focusing on heirs’ property.

Please keep in mind that the event is free, but registration is required to participate. Click here to register.

This event will be simulcast on Facebook Live for non-participating viewers.

Do not miss this event to learn more about heirs’ property issues from landowners, practitioners, researchers, and policymakers. We are also going to talk about future needs to make sure we are moving forward as a community to help each other ensure successful intergeneration land transfer.

Please register for the event and encourage others to do the same!

If you have questions, please write Francis Vaughn at fvaughn@mscenterforjustice.org.


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