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Strong communities are at the heart of a healthy society. Foreclosures can weaken these bonds and wreak havoc on communities. Every emptied home and business means lost tax revenue for local schools and the loss of a valued community member and neighbor. The repercussions of widespread foreclosures can especially be felt amongst families with children whose education is disrupted by being pulled from their school mid-year.

Mississippi has the 5th highest rate of delinquent mortgages in the country. A report from partner organization First Focus shows that during a four-year period, 37,000 Mississippi children were affected by foreclosure. With the mortgage crisis far from over, the Center is working to make sure homeowners know their rights and can get the help they need to stay in their homes.

The Center offers direct legal services to Mississippians who need assistance with foreclosure matters. Whether a person needs help clearing title so a property can be sold, to address foreclosure or delinquency issues or negotiating a loan modification, it is important for Mississippians to be well-informed.

The Center is taking part in a consortium organized by the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office and funding by a portion of the landmark $25 billion foreclosure settlement between the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that resulted from the improper actions of five major, national banks.

Do you need help preventing a foreclosure?

The complexities of the foreclosure process have left many in need of assistance. If you need help, please contact us here.

Disclaimer: Please refrain from submitting any confidential information to us. Note that some fields are required. Your submission of a written request for assistance will not establish an attorney-client relationship. Unless the Mississippi Center for Justice advises you otherwise, the Center does not represent you and you remain responsible for all of your filing deadlines.