Economic Justice– Foreclosure Prevention


Since 2008, the Mississippi Center for Justice has been a significant provider of direct legal services to Mississippians needing assistance with foreclosure matters, ensuring that homeowners know their rights.  In addition to providing foreclosure assistance through a previous IOLTA fund grant, the Center has taken part in a consortium organized by the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office and funded by a portion of the landmark $25 billion foreclosure settlement between the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that resulted from the improper actions of five major, national banks. Additionally, the Center has assisted homeowners with foreclosure matters through the first stage of the Mississippi Bar Foundation Bank of America Foreclosure Prevention Grant Program. We applied for and were awarded funding from the Mississippi Bar Foundation Bank of America Foreclosure Prevention Grant Program to continue this work through 2024. We will continue to provide comprehensive services, including foreclosure prevention literature and brochures, foreclosure prevention education and outreach, and direct legal services to individuals in foreclosure matters. In order to reduce the number of clients who will fall behind in their mortgage payments after receiving foreclosure relief, beginning in 2021, we will include a financial literacy component for clients. MCJ’s Consumer Protection team has acquired the skills necessary to impart this knowledge to clients and will be using the Your Money, Your Goals toolkit developed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to conduct the financial literacy component of the project.




The Economic Justice Campaign of the Mississippi Center for Justice was selected as one of the 34 organizations brought into the 2020Your Money, Your Goals cohort. As a result of being selected, the members of the Consumer Protection team have received training and technical assistance on how to use the Your Money, Your Goals tools to help them discuss money topics with the people they serve in their communities. Your Money, Your Goals is a comprehensive suite of resources and training geared to help non-profit and government agencies integrate financial empowerment into their existing service models.  This knowledge and acquired skill set will make the efforts of the consumer team to impart financial literacy more effective and beneficial to those seeking this information. We will utilize pre- and post-surveys to determine the knowledge gained in financial literacy trainings. This method will help determine if the program is successful or if there need to be changes to accomplish the goal.


FORECLOSURE RESOURCES – General Information About Mortgages from the Application to Preventing Foreclosure – Learn About Mortgage Relief Options and Protections


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