Economic Justice – Expungement Services

If you are interested in having your record expunged, please follow the link below to determine your eligibility and complete your intake form.



An expungement is the deletion or “striking-out” of an offense or offenses from one’s criminal record. A criminal record includes a list of criminal activity arrests as well as traffic violations. Currently, the state of Mississippi does not allow for the expungement of traffic offenses/violations per Miss. Code Ann. 99-19-71. The effect of an expungement is to restore a person to the legal status that he or she held prior to any arrest or indictment.


Today, nearly one-third of the adult population has a criminal history record also known as a “rap sheet.” The state of Mississippi allows for expungement of most misdemeanor offenses and some felony offenses. If you have ever been arrested (conviction or non-conviction), you may need an expungement to remove the arrest and/or conviction from your criminal history record.


The Mississippi Center for Justice currently assists individuals seeking an expungement of their record in all 82 counties of Mississippi. The Center will aid you in this process by providing you with the necessary self-help tools. We will help you gather proper documents from the court and/or the arresting agency, draft a petition and order for expungement, and provide “Next Steps” instructions for pro-se filing in the appropriate court.


Should the court grant your petition for expungement, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety Criminal Information Center, the Criminal Identification Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and any other agency or department in possession of any official records and/or identification data will also expunge any and all references, records, and databases related to said offense or offenses.