Education – Covid-Related Educational Disparity

Students in Mississippi have a right to fair and safe schools that foster learning and a sense of community, which inspires growth and gives them the tools they need to succeed. In today’s technological age, the digital divide in many households and communities around the state is indicative of the disparities in education that have characterized Mississippi’s public schooling for generations. These disparities were never more apparent than during the global pandemic shutdown and subsequent reopening of public schools in the state. MCJ is committed to documenting the experiences of marginalized families, students, and communities throughout the state concerning schooling during the pandemic. MCJ is compiling a report that will be used to help law and policymakers, grassroots organizations, and community organizers to advocate for more equitable distribution of resources for learning in rural communities. Access to the technology, teacher training, and parental supports to make virtual learning a viable option in every community is essential to educational equity in Mississippi MCJ has been a leading force to help ensure that children across the state have access to quality education to reduce educational disparities along race, class, and geographic lines so as to leverage education for social mobility for more citizens.