Two Years After George Floyd’s Death, Systemic Racism Remains Alive and Well

A Message from President & CEO Vangela M. Wade on the 2-Year Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder

Two years ago today, George Floyd was tragically murdered, joining a long list of unarmed Black and Brown people mercilessly killed due to systemic, pervasive racism. 

As I reflect on his death, I cannot help but wonder: Will our nation ever protect people of color? We are constantly victims of hate-fueled violence. Grocery stores, churches, and other safe havens have become hunting grounds. Last week’s mass shooting in Buffalo was just the latest example of white supremacist violence that targets Black bodies. In some ways, it feels as though we haven’t moved past the same racist hatred that killed Medgar Evers, James Chaney, and Emmitt Till decades ago. 

But amidst all this grief, I remain hopeful for a better tomorrow. Every day at MCJ, we are pushing to rectify the systemic racism that has wracked Mississippi for so long. We are fighting to protect people from corrupt housing practices, improve access to health care, restore people’s right to vote, and so much more. And with every victory, we inch closer to true justice. 

To change Mississippi for the better and win the fight against those who would keep our state in its past, we need your support. Please donate today.