SCOTUS Decision to Uphold ACA Marks Major Victory for Mississippi

Jackson, Mississippi – Today, in a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act. Mississippi is one of more than a dozen states that joined in the lawsuit to dismantle the ACA. 


“Here in Mississippi, we are breathing a huge sigh of relief that the Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act. The ACA is a crucial part of our healthcare system, providing basic protection to millions of people, including our nation’s most vulnerable communities,” said Vangela M. Wade, president and CEO of the Mississippi Center for Justice. “It is particularly impactful in Mississippi. Here, Governor Reeves and many of our legislators go to great lengths to prevent people from getting health care. They repeatedly find ways to make it harder for people to access the care they need. And we’re one of the few states that has yet to expand Medicaid. Without the ACA, thousands of Mississippians would be left uninsured, putting themselves and their families at risk of serious health problems — all while we emerge from a deadly pandemic.”


“While we can celebrate the SCOTUS decision today, Mississippians are still struggling to access health care. An alarming one in five does not have health insurance. And today, a single parent with one child earning $400 per month is ineligible for Medicaid. Moving forward, we must expand Medicaid and make health care easier to access,” said Linda Dixon, Director of Health Law and Public Benefits at the Mississippi Center for Justice. 




The Mississippi Center for Justice is dedicated to dismantling the state’s culture of inequity and injustice. Supported and staffed by attorneys and other professionals, the Center develops and pursues strategies to combat discrimination and poverty statewide.