Our View: Center for Justice and Women’s Fund — 10 years of making a better Mississippi

Mississippi Business Journal blogThe Mississippi Center for Justice and the Women’s Fund of Mississippi launched 10 years ago this year with missions so daunting they could have left the leadership of both organizations wondering “Where do we start?”

The answer for the pair of fledgling non-profits was to simply put one foot in front of the other and push forward for a better Mississippi.

Both have shown that much can be accomplished in 10 years, one as a public service law firm established to combat discrimination and poverty statewide and the other as a grants foundation dedicated to enhancing the economic security of girls, women and families.

The Mississippi Center for Justice and the Women’s Fund of Mississippi have selected October as their anniversary celebrations month. The Center for Justice hosted a capacity gathering of members and supporters for its 2013 “Champions of Justice Dinner” at the Jackson Convention Complex Thursday night (Oct. 10). The Women’s Fund will celebrate its 10th year by putting a spotlight on 10 “Women of Vision” at an Oct. 24 luncheon at the Jackson Convention Complex.

While the October anniversary events showcase 10 years of improving the lives for many whose existence is a daily struggle, the events are an acknowledgement of the support – both financial and otherwise — the two organizations receive from Mississippi’s businesses, partner organizations and individuals who simply want to help to make a difference.

Better housing, increased employment and educational opportunities, improved healthcare and nutrition, enhanced family planning, freedom from discrimination – the efforts to make these advancements for a better Mississippi required time and money. Businesses and everyday Mississippians provided both.

October signals a change of seasons in the Magnolia State. It’s indeed the appropriate month to celebrate two organizations that are bringing the kinds of changes to Mississippi that we all can celebrate.

Happy anniversaries to the Center for Justice and the Women’s Fund of Mississippi. We’ll be cheering you on as you continue putting one foot in front of the other to move our home state forward.