MCJ Delivers Letter Signed by Education Allies to Governor, Legislative Leaders to Call for Accurate and Honest History Instruction in Public Schools

Jackson, Miss. – The Mississippi Center for Justice has delivered to Gov. Tate Reeves and key Mississippi legislative leaders a letter that condemns the push to stop educators from teaching the truth in history classrooms.

The letter, signed by teachers, advocates, and other allies, follows Friday’s Senate approval of Senate Bill 2113. This is one of several so-called Critical Race Theory bills with broad-ranging, problematic provisions that could hinder teachers from the academic freedom to explore vital events and concepts in Mississippi history.

“The legislation seeks to restrain and penalize educators, school districts and higher learning institutions by limiting and eliminating factual and historical content related to racism and race, depriving Mississippi students of vital historical context for present day issues,” said Mississippi Center for Justice President and CEO Vangela M. Wade.

“We should teach about race and racism the same way we teach about math or chemistry; as accurately as we can,” Wade said. “It’s crucial for teachers to have the freedom, without fear of censure or retribution, to teach truthful information about our state and nation’s history.”

The letter was sent Monday to House Speaker Philip Gunn, Speaker Pro Tempore Jason White, House Minority Leader Robert Johnson III, House Education Committee Chairman Richard Bennett and state Sen. Angela Ford-Turner, chairwoman of the Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus.

The Mississippi Center for Justice, in partnership with the Mississippi ACLU, also has launched a new website,, to educate Mississippi citizens about pending legislation that attacks accurate and honest history instruction in Mississippi public schools, colleges and universities.

Visitors to can urge policymakers to reject the bills through the ACLU’s call to action link, Take Action Now.