MCJ Launches New Website to Push for Accurate and Honest Teaching of History in MS

There’s a divisive political issue making its way through the Mississippi Legislature this session and, if passed into law, our children will be those most affected. Bills have been filed with the purpose of erasing the history of race and racism from school textbooks and classroom lessons.

The Mississippi Center for Justice, in partnership with the Mississippi ACLU, has launched a new website to educate citizens about the pending legislation that attacks accurate and honest history instruction in public schools, colleges and universities.  Learn more at

In 2020, Mississippi took a significant step forward by shedding a vestige of its Confederate past with the adoption of a new flag. Yet, these new bills are symbolic of the retired banner. Our history is real and honest. From it, we learn.

Our students, from K-12 youth to adults in college, deserve the intellectual growth that comes from the free exchange of ideas in public classrooms. A robust study of history helps us understand change and how the society we live in came to be. Please stand with MCJ and other advocates in opposition to these bills: Senate Bill 2113, Senate Bill 2171 and House Bill 437.