Letter to Gov. Reeves – Protect Mississippians’ Right to Vote

Hon. Governor J. Tate Reeves

Executive Residence

300 E. Capitol Street

Jackson, MS 39201


October 28, 2020


Dear Governor Reeves:


The 2020 election is a contentious, unprecedented test of our nation – and of our state.


In some ways, it’s an exciting time for democracy. Americans are campaigning vigorously for their candidates, resulting in historic levels of early voting and newfound enthusiasm among the American electorate.


But this election has also been marked by threats of voter intimidation, baseless claims of election fraud, and systemic voter suppression and disenfranchisement. It is a moment that calls for leadership and moral clarity, and we are calling on you to do everything in your power as governor to protect voters on Election Day and beyond.


Those risks are particularly acute here in Mississippi, which has a long, sad history of failing to ensure free and fair elections – and of silencing the voices of voters of color. Many Mississippians died fighting for equal voting rights. And despite those sacrifices, Mississippi remains the hardest state in the country to cast a ballot – especially for poor or minority voters.


Fixing those problems will take time, but the unique risks of this election – which is also taking place against the backdrop of a global pandemic – require urgent action.


MCJ is committed to protecting the civil and constitutional rights of all Mississippians. We implore you to uphold the voting and election laws for all Mississippians according to your oath as Governor of this state. We are calling on you to ensure an adequate number of voting machines and polling places, particularly in areas with heavy minority populations; to publicly defend the integrity and accuracy of our voting system; and to ensure that Mississippians can go to polling places without fear of intimidation or violence.


It’s up to your administration to ensure that the election is safe for all people. We must allow every eligible voter the opportunity to cast a ballot without interference or fear. Our democracy depends on it, and your job requires no less.



Vangela M. Wade

President and CEO

Mississippi Center for Justice