Join Us TODAY! Help Us Advocate for Children with Learning Disabilities with a $20 or More Donation

MCJ is working to help parents with children in special education through legal advocacy and direct services. Parents of children with disabilities across Mississippi face the enormous task of ensuring their child/children receive the education they deserve. Too often, systemic barriers and challenges prevent their children from receiving the supports they need.

MCJ’s Education Advocacy Project is committed to supporting parents by:

  • Working to enforce special education laws;
  • Educating parents of the legal provisions they are entitled to through our Know Your Rights Clinics;
  • Helping forge stronger partnerships between parents and schools to ensure that students with disabilities are not left out or left behind; and
  • Engaging with community members and leaders to build a network of support for parents for greater advocacy.

The need for advocacy for parents of students with disabilities is great and will require significant investment to reach families across the State. With your help, we can build a stronger network of support for families that strengthens education and advocacy for students with disabilities. Giving Tuesday is not just a day to give; it’s an opportunity for you to join with us in fighting for equitable education for ALL of our students.

This year, MCJ celebrates 20 years of advocacy for Mississippians. On Giving Tuesday, we ask supporters of our work to consider a donation of $20 – or more – in commemoration of our 20-year milestone. With your help, we can continue our legacy of advocacy for equitable opportunities for many years to come.