Medical-Legal Partnerships are a Roadmap to a Healthier Mississippi

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The Mississippi Center for Justice is celebrating the 5thyear of its medical-legal partnership in collaboration with the University of Mississippi Medical Center, the Mississippi State Department of Health and the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation.  We have witnessed the positive impact this partnership has made by providing a holistic approach to healthcare.  We have been the voice of countless individuals seeking legal assistance to improve their health outcomes and are committed to reducing the legal barriers that negatively impact an individual’s health.

From lack of transportation to rising medical costs, our state’s vulnerable population is faced with many barriers.  Fortunately, access to holistic healthcare does not have to be an added hurdle.  Through the establishment of medical-legal partnerships, a doctor can confidently treat the asthma patient knowing the presence of mold in the patient’s apartment will be addressed by an attorney.  A patient may report improved mental health after consulting an attorney about his/her financially-induced stress as a result of being denied Social Security benefits. The opportunities are endless. Medical-legal partnerships epitomize the true concept of holistic healthcare and are the roadmaps to a healthier Mississippi.

Alecia Reed-Owens is a Staff Attorney in the Health Law Division of the Mississippi Center for Justice.