Affordable Care Act

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The Affordable Care Act offers an unprecedented opportunity for nearly all Mississippians, including children, to access affordable, quality care. The Affordable Care Act holds great promise in helping to ensure that every Mississippian has access to achieving health and wellness. Increased access will help to support healthier outcomes in communities.

Mississippi has some of the highest rates of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, asthma and HIV/AIDS in the country. These diseases take an even higher toll on our Mississippi’s communities of color. African Americans with diabetes have a mortality rate 264 percent higher than whites in the same state.

Under the new law, more than 350,000 Mississippians would be eligible for Medicaid – which is already the leading source of health insurance coverage for children.
Mississippi  Center for Justice is working in coalition to advocate seizing the opportunity to accept generous federal funds to insure these Mississippians, which would lead to better health outcomes and significant job creation in the state.

Health Insurance Exchanges offered through the law are designed to help consumers and businesses find the best, most affordable plan for their needs. Starting in 2014 these exchanges will allow those groups to compare plans, pool risk and find the most competitive plan for their dollar. While the state has already taken advantage of millions of federal dollars to begin developing a healthcare exchange, Mississippi Center for Justice prepared an issue brief outlining common sense steps to ensure reform is implemented fairly and successfully for Mississippi families.

Mississippi Center for Justice is addressing roadblocks to healthcare by educating the public and policymakers about the benefits of the ACA in Mississippi. The Center is also providing resources to help the public better understand benefits available to them, and how to enroll.
The Center is also working to combat barriers to healthcare access across the state. The health law community organizer is working with school-aged youth, as well as college students, in both the Greater Jackson and Delta areas to educate them about the positive impact the Affordable Care Act will have in their cities. The Center has developed a toolkit, which is being used to educate these students to speak to others in the community about available resources to obtain healthcare coverage in Mississippi. Learn more by watching the video below.

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